We would love to provide you with lists of all of our stock, or photos of every dress and item, but it simply isn't possible as many of our dresses are one of a kind. Not all dresses have their style numbers available. Merchandise changes daily. We do our best to update Facebook with incoming stock - but even this can never stay current on a daily basis. 

When it comes to bridesmaids we work best when you are choosing a colour and the party can choose the style, or when you choose a style and the party chooses complimentary colours. We sometimes get matching sets - so if the ladies sizing matches this is also an option.

We encourage you to stop in and see what is available. Try on different sizes, styles and colours and see what is right for you! We have dresses for all "ages" and fits.

We appreciate your understanding in the matter and look forward to seeing you soon.

Occassional Dresses


For one or twenty - we can help your wedding party coordinate to complete your head table and photos with elegance

Mother of the Bride/Groom

Both these ladies are equally important. Let them know if you have preference of colour or style and set them free! Or shop with them offering a helping hand. Choose from Pant suits, short or long dresses of every colour.

Wedding Attendee

Are you the guest of the wedding? We can outfit you too! Perhaps check with the happy couple to see what colour they are using so you ensure that you don't arrive in a matching colour.


Celebrate this educational milestone in style. We have everything from fun to sophisticated to mark the occasion and make you look and feel your best.


Our dresses are often one of a kind, helping ensure that your dress stands out showing off that you are one of a kind too! From simple to glam you will look amazing!

Events or Galas

Fundraising Gala, Awareness Campaign, Recognition ceremony - We have you covered!