You ask them and if the answer isn't already on the site, we will answer!

Feel free to email any questions that we have not addressed and we will update here!                 

Do I need an appointment to shop?

No, you are welcome to make one so we know you are coming and can bring in more help if needed, but they are absolutely not necessary. Drop in during any of our hours and we will be happy to help! 

How can I be prepared for a shopping appointment?

We request that you wear as little make up as possible to protect the dresses. 

You will be asked to remove foot wear upon arrival, but you are welcome to bring your "day of" shoes to try dresses on with. 

We suggest you bring any supportive garments you may wish to wear with your dress and kindly ask to wear underwear (we will be helping you in and out of dresses.)

We absolutely allow picture taking of you in the dresses to compare how you look and help you remember should you need to sleep on it. Bring your camera phone! (Feel free to tag the store if you are uploading the photos - we will even give you the wi-fi password!)

Some folks prefer to bring some friends, some prefer to shop alone. If you ask for it, We promise to provide honest feedback "from a friend". We don't want you telling people you got a dress from us if we think you look silly in it! (We will also tell you if you have lipstick on your teeth!)

What is your return policy?

Due to the nature of our shop, being consignment, we are unable to process returns as the sale will credit to the consignor's account on the same day. You are welcome to reconsign any item purchased at the store. 

We are also firm believers of "No Pressure Sales" (after all, these are dresses not cars). We are happy to let you "sleep on it" overnight and place a 24 hour courtesy hold on an item free of charge. To be fair to our consignors - we may still allow people to try on the item, however, they will have to wait out your clock before we will agree to sell to them. Please note: the hold ends at the date/time agreed upon if we have not heard from you. It is appreciated if you let us know if you changed your mind as soon as possible, so we may release the item.