How to Consign

Your dress was beautiful


... and you looked amazing in it. The truth of the matter is we cannot accept all dresses and need to stay focused on what brides these days are looking for. We don't want to put a "Best Before" date on our intake, but ideally it should have been worn in the last 0-7 years. Exceptions will be made. Some dresses 5 years old, we know aren't moving as well as others. Vintage is making a come back - however - vintage is a style and not all dresses from 20-50 years ago will fit the bill.

We are not a "Thrift" Store.


Everyone wants the shopping experience to remember and a perfect dress. No pet hair, no stains or visible damage. (Example grass stains on the underside is ok, no one will see that anyway - but a foot print on the train is not ok)

For a dress to be accepted it needs to arrive clean (Shoot us a message - believe it or not, sometimes a front load washing machine can do the trick to save dry cleaning fees - if Mom has time, sometimes she will tackle this for you for an additional $50.)

Gather your information


When did you wear it? What colour is it? What size was the dress originally? Did you do any alterations? Who was the designer? Was there a style name or number? Do you have it (You can sometimes call the place you bought it from to get this information). How much was your dress originally? (Remember things like accessories, taxes and alterations may be included in the price in your head... we are talking just the item you are consigning). How much are you wanting to make upon the sale?

Let us know!


Send us an email to  with the answers you have gathered and a photo of the dress. Unfortunately the contact us section will not allow a photo to be included. We aren't picky, it can be a stock photo or one of you in the dress - however, know that we may use it to help promote the sale of your dress.

Bringing it to the Store


After we receive your email we will let you know when we can accept the dress. This may depend on style, stock, or season. 

You will need to sign a "Community Consignment Contract" in order to finalize the agreement. You may download and preview below if you choose.

If you are a business looking to work with us, please contact us for more details.

Cashing Out


Of course, we can't guarantee a sale, but we do our best for you! Keep an eye on contract dates, and keep in touch with us. Once the item has sold, the amount transfers to a "store credit" where you can shop tax free, or cash out in the form of an e-transfer or cheque. For safety reasons, we do not keep cash in the store for consignment pay outs.