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$50 Bonus to enroll into No Fee Tangerine Banking with Orange Key 2017

 Saving for a wedding can be a challenge and every dime counts!

  • Posted on: January 07, 2019

We’ve all heard this phrase before! TV and radio ads inviting you to finally start getting your personal banking working for you - “Save Your Money!” Of course, the catchy phrase was made famous by the people at TANGERINE.

Some of you may have come here just looking for an Orange Key code to earn your FREE $50 sign-up bonus with So here is a fresh new working Orange Key code:  55132216S1  Enjoy your FREE $50 sign-up bonus!

Open a Tangerine Account and you will get a $50 bonus! When you open a Tangerine Account be it an Investment Savings Account, Tangerine Chequing, RSP, Tax-Free Savings Account, or GIC with a $100 or more, you'll get a $50 Bonus.

Enter the Orange Key below and your account will be credited a $50 bonus instantly.

Just select, right click, copy and paste. 

That's it!

My Tangerine Orange Key is  55132216S1 .

From now until January 31, 2019, for every friend that we successfully refer who opens their first Tangerine Account with an initial deposit of $100 or more using your Orange Key®, you’ll earn a Bonus of $50*, and so will we. That’s double the regular $25 Bonus!

This will help kick start (or pad) the wedding savings, and help a small business grow.

Full Terms and Conditions are available at  

 Plus now, it’s easier than ever for a friend to open a Tangerine Account,  if you like, you can also enroll over the phone by calling  1-866-700-0314.

40742113S1ENROLL NOW!

Tangerine Orange Key Bonus 40742113S1

The Canada Post process: 
1. Obtain a DSS number from 
2. Go to any Canada Post and give them the following:
 - Your DSS number
 - Government photo ID (see below for what they accept).
 - Proof of residency (see below for what they accept).
3. Wait 24-48 business hours while Tangerine verifies your information.
4. You should receive an email from Tangerine when your account is set up, and you can now use your accounts to bank with Tangerine!

Forms of government ID accepted:
    Canadian Driver's Licence
    Canadian Passport
    Provincial Photo ID Card
    Canadian Certificate of Indian Status
    Canadian Permanent Resident Card
    Canadian Citizenship Card (with photo)
    QC Health Card (with photo)
Forms of proof of residency accepted:
    Bank Statement
    School Report/Transcript
    Lease/Mortgage Statement
    Insurance Policy
    Vehicle Ownership/Insurance
    Municipal Tax Notice
    Utility Bill
    Child Tax Benefits Statement
    Income Tax Assessment
    Government Cheque/Stub
    Statement of E/I Benefits (T4E)
    CPP/QPP Statement
    Statement of Old Age Security (T4A)
    WSIB Benefits Statement
    Direct Deposit/Provincial Support Program Statement
    Attestation of Residence
    Credit Card Statement with Card
    Private Post Office Box Rental Agreement
    Delivery Notice Card/Final Notice Card

*I am not an employee of tangerine bank nor am I purporting to represent or speak on behalf of Tangerine Bank. 

#OrangeKey #TangerineBank #referralbonus #WeddingPlanning #SaveMoney #GrowYourAccount
#OrangeKey #TangerineBank #referralbonus #WeddingPlanning #SaveMoney #GrowYourAccount